Handy tips for escorts

How to get better response and have more clients as an escort?

The various escort directories like Eros, Exotics are extremely popular. They are popular since 10 years and many copycat directories have come up. The formats of directories are pretty similar. Independent escorts Bangalore wishes to get more calls and wonder why they are not getting. They wish to be more and more competitive and earn substantial amounts.

Handy tips for escorts!

  • Choose multiple directories and do not just look for one. If you choose a major directory, it will have its own following and so there is no need to advertise further. With the directories, you can get dozens of calls from your clients.
  • You need to advertise in more categories. If you fit more than one category in terms of looks, services and appearance, you can fit the categories of multiple directories.
  • To earn more categories, you should offer multiple services. If you are more flexible and can offer almost all the services, you will earn more.
  • Those who are Brunette and are a bit naughty must think out-of-the-box and act out cheer leaders. Advertise products in the fetish categories in order to place yourself at the front.
  • Click an amazing thumbnail picture or image. As the online customers look through the photos at first, an impressive photo can easily convert the visitor into a customer. They will certainly click your picture to have a look.

The need for a website for better exposure

Make sure you design an attractive website, discussing out your services and describing yourself. Have a brief introduction on the homepage and state your services. Speak in first person to connect to the readers. Be precise and try to identify the chief purpose of your website. Do not employ the fancy technical wizardry to confuse the others. The photos, the fonts and graphics must be perfect. All the aspects of the website must be coordinated well to give a sophisticated and professional feel. If the site is too trashy and flashy, you will distract your potential clients. Class and sophistication is the key to getting the best clients. Your introduction would be the first chance to create a great impression.

Avoiding trouble and miscommunication

Avoid discussing on the phone what you can do or cannot do in exchange for money. This can create a wrong impression on the mind of your potential. Any kind of open talk will put you in trouble as the one you talk to may be a cop.

It is a great idea for Bangalore escorts to get review from the past clients. If you have more positive reviews, you will certainly attract more attention. Be safe and secure and ask a driver to escort you.

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