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Hey every one new day new blog new story I thought of telling the story I saw the movie yesterday john Abraham’s rocky handsome with one of my client who gave me a call on my personnel website portal I asked me to be his independent high profile model escorts female services in Bangalore, he found my number on Google he searched Bangalore escorts he found my portal very interesting and real genuine he buzzed me we spoke he like my tone my voice my telephonic conversation some interesting fun games we spoke, Later we fixed an appointment  we meet at a mall went to movie the movie was really boring not much interesting it really turned off our mood,  Later we started kissing stopped watching movie had some popcorn chicken burger with energy drink red bull in the interval was waiting to get end of the movie later we left to my apartment had some wine later on ordered some chicken stroganoff finished our mail had some really intimacy sexual fun on bed lovely evening I spent with one of my client, In case if you are looking for some fun entertainment with Bangalore escorts visit my site arpitavohra.com

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